Who is Gao Fang ? Another crossborder love story ?

– Sun GaoFang , Chinese woman travelled to Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to marry the man whom she befriended and fell in love with on Snapchat (social media app ) . 

– According to Reports , 21-year-old Gao Fang arrived in Islamabad  last week by road from China via  Gilgit on a three-month visit visa. 

– 18 Year Javed , Received Gao Fang at Bajaur District Bordering Afghanistan . 

– Javed took Fang to his Uncle’s Home in Samarbagh tehsil in Dir District , directly Due to Security reason in Bajaur at his house . 

Now What ?

– On 26 Jul 2023 , Gao Converted to islam and got married to 18 Year Javed .  

– Her new name is Kiswa, the man’s maternal cousin Izzatullah Khan told PTI over the phone.

In Future ! 

  • According to Reports , Gao will return to China in a few days, Javed will stay back in Pakistan.
  • Javed will go to China after completing his education in Pakistan which will take almost a year.
  • Javed and Gao Will do a court marriage in China. ( Reports : PTI )

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